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2019 – Present

Trainings for all

GNFF launched Seed of Change to address the rising challenges that arose following the economic crisis of 2019 and the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeds and seedlings were distributed to farmers, cooperatives and youth interested in growing their own crops.

The program’s goal is to teach people living in urban and rural areas how to be self-sufficient by growing their own food. Local and International experts have been providing online and in-person hands-on coaching sessions based on participants’ needs.

Participants learn how to grow food indoors, on rooftops and balconies. Topics include building soil quality, composting, crop diversification, seeds extraction and storage, food safety and preservation, agroforestry, pest management and companion planting.

SoC continues to evolve, providing training customized to participants’ needs and attracting an increasingly diverse audience.

Throughout the training, Dr Newton provided important information regarding seed varieties. This helped me in my research on heirloom and hybrid seeds in Lebanon as I incorporated her notions in my findings and referenced her presentation. Thanks to her workshop on seed storage techniques, I can now store my seeds more efficiently than before.

AlbertAgricultural engineer